How do I apply?





House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease complete the application form available on the website’s “How to Apply” page.

How do you choose the children?

House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsAs a first step we will need to see your child’s most recent school report and, if applicable, SATs results. If at that time we have sufficient funds available to consider awarding a scholarship, your child will be invited to spend a day at the chosen school. All candidates are tested in maths, spelling, reading and writing and will also spend time in the classroom with children of their age. There is also a short interview with the headmistress.

What assessments are involved?

House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsCandidates are tested in maths, spelling, reading and writing based on national curriculum assessments for their year group. We do not have sample papers but if you wish to familiarise yourself with the sorts of tests we use you may find it helpful to look at the practice papers in English, maths and reasoning (verbal and non-verbal) available to order online and from stores such as WHSmith.

It says on your website that we should tell you about any additional talents, such as unusually strong musical, drama or sporting abilities. If my child is at the top of their class but isn’t particularly strong in these areas should we still apply?


Three Column Prospect House 11Yes. Suitable candidates will require a solid academic ability in one or more core subjects.

Strong supporting talents may be of supplementary interest. Our schools are proud of their tradition in providing a broad curriculum, and children reach high standards in art, music and sport. HST scholars may be successful in securing places at first class senior schools if they can also offer a talent beyond the academic curriculum which has been nurtured in a House School.


Who does the assessment and who decides?


House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsFollowing the child’s visit, the relevant headmistress, in conjunction with any teachers who have had the candidate in their class and any teachers who have been involved in the test procedure, will discuss the child’s day and whether he/she would be a suitable candidate. If so, the parents are asked to complete a form giving details of their financial situation. This is looked at carefully and a recommendation is made to the House Schools Trust Trustees for a decision at their next meeting. These are held every school term. The Trustees make the final decision.

Will you give us feedback?

House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsIf a child’s application has not been successful, we will be happy to explain to parents why not.

Do you always fund the fees in full? If not, what scale is used?


House Schools Trust - Frequently Asked QuestionsFamily circumstances and financial situation are taken into account. In the past we have awarded scholarships of between 30% and 100% of the fees. As a guide, we are unlikely to award a scholarship to a family with a total annual income of more than £50,000. After a scholarship has been granted there is an annual review of the family’s circumstances to assess whether any changes require any corresponding changes to the scholarship funding.


What information do you need about income and/or assets?



Three Column Prospect House 2After the assessment day you will need to complete a Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstance form which asks for financial information in considerable detail, both income and assets. You can find a copy of this on the website here.


Are any/all extras paid for, for example uniform/trips?


Three Column Prospect House 12All bursaries are means tested. In the event that additional assistance is required to meet the cost of extra lessons, trips, equipment or uniform considerations can be made on an individual assessment basis.

How many scholarships are available each year?

Three Column Orchard House 9It varies according to funding and current places taken so there is no set number.

Does it cost anything to apply?

Three Column Orchard House 2 No.

When should we apply?


Three Column Bassett House 7Applications for the start of the academic year i.e. September should be made as early as possible in the previous calendar year and no later than December 1st.


How long does it take?


Three Column Prospect HouseAbout two months from receipt of your application (during term time).

Can we apply for all three schools?

Three Column Prospect House 15You should apply to the school nearest to where you live.

Are scholars identified as scholars at school?


On entering a House Group School every child’s private circumstances are considered and communicated amongst the staff body as appropriate so that safe guarding and personal development are assured. No personal information is ever shared beyond these parameters without prior consent from parents.


Is there a sibling policy?


Three Column Prospect House 7Any application from a sibling would be assessed on its own merits and would also depend upon the Trust’s ability to fund another scholarship at that time.

Can the scholarship be taken away at any time?

Three Column Prospect House 4We would only take away the scholarship if the family’s financial circumstances improved significantly such that the means test criteria would no longer be satisfied (there is an annual review – see above) or if this was recommended by the headmistress due to behavioural difficulties.

What help is there with secondary school applications?

Three Column Bassett House 1The schools give a great deal of advice to parents about suitable secondary schools and the application process at 11+. Advice will also be given about the possibility of securing financial support for fees at secondary level although financial support beyond the House Schools Group cannot be guaranteed. The potential for securing such a place is one of the criteria taken into account when we award our scholarships.

Who founded the trust?

Sarah EleySarah Eley was a founder headmistress, with Hermione Gerry, of Prospect House in 1991. Formerly she had taught in the state sector and at Putney High Junior School, where she was deputy head. She was also an inspector of independent schools. She and Mrs Gerry were founder trustees of the charity (then called Prospect House Educational Trust (PHET)) in 1997 and she was chairman of the Trust for some years. PHET became the House Schools Trust in 2011, offering scholarships across all three schools in the group. She is married with two children and six grandchildren. In retirement she enjoys patchwork and quilting, being with friends, making music with the grandchildren and travelling with her husband.